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Voted best Pet Taxi Service in Manhattan NY!

Need a Pet Taxi in Manhattan? 

Pet Taxi New York  provides Pet Taxi service to any location in Manhattan. 

With our minivans you can transport ( hassle-free ) your dog to any place she needs to go including the vet, your sitter and all 3 nyc airports.

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. Most prices are flat rate to any location within the 5 boroughs of New York City. We invite you to see our pricing and to  Book Online 

Long Distance Dog Taxi
If you need to take your dog to locations outside the 5 boroughs of New York, service is available to all tri-state area at a rate of $4 per mile. If over 100 miles, lower price per mile is available. Please email us for a quick and reliable quote and or an invoice.

All our services are available for pick ups with or without owners.Check our pricing page to learn more.

Why Booking Pet Taxi New York in Manhattan: 
  • Easy and simple rates. Rides starting at only $35 for up to 50 blocks.
  • Easy Online booking. You can hassle-free book your next ride trough our website. Payment via Google Wallets lets you pay with any major credit card.
  • Our mini vans are available 7 days a week. If you need to book a pick up in short notice, please contact us first to confirm availability.
    (718) 355-9665 or via text message at (347)- 674-6157 or via email at
  • Our cars are very spacious and both you and your dog can travel in conform.
  • Excellent customer service.

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What Our Pet Taxi Clients in Manhattan Said After Using Our Service 

Pet Taxi New York is a great service for dog owners in Manhattan. I called them recently for a last minute pick up. I was actually planning to walk my dog all the way to the vet but the rain made me change my plans. I was able to call them and get a minivan to pick me up in less than 20 mins. Great resource for pet owners in the city

Julie C. (Upper West Side- Manhattan)

I have a lovely french bulldog who overheat very easily. This means if I have to visit my boyfriend in midtown, I have to always take a car. Getting picked up by a yellow taxi is such a miracle when you are with a dog. So instead of the hassle,  I have been using Pet Taxi New York for a while and can recommend them to anyone. They are usually on time and their car smells nice which I appreciate big time! I can recommend pet taxi new york to anyone. 

Lisa  P ( Chelsea- NYC)

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